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KIDS (permalink) 02.24.2005
now where the hell did i put that?
before having two mobile and ever-curious children a productive evening for me might entail reading 100 pages of my book.

now that i have these two humans living in my home, i define a productive evening by simply finding my book.

WEB (permalink) 02.23.2005
get on board

TRAVEL, QUOTES (permalink) 02.22.2005
steamboat : reflections
after the super bowl, everyone debates the best commercial. after the annual ski-boondoggle, the participants ponder the best piece of banter. i'm naming the alpha quip from this year's steamboat trip to be ...

setting : bookguy is leaving a message for his boss one morning before we headed up the mountain.

how funny would it have been if i had said, 'matt, come back to bed' while you were leaving that voice mail to your boss.

since saying that would have involved you getting up off the ground, i'm pretty confident it wouldn't have happened.

(now that is what i heard, but in rehashing the moment, bookguy swears he didn't say that but instead, 'since saying that would have involved you getting out of bed, i'm pretty confident it wouldn't have happened'. the fact that each option is equally applicable is not a small testament to how well we know one another.)

and a trip with bookguy would never be the same without a backwards kudo which can be seen in the runner-up conversation ...

setting : bookguy and i are driving to the yellow sub with snake

i still think the most sincere thing you've ever posted on your site was the anniversary note to marty.

it's interesting you'd pick that out of everything.

it just wasn't the typical troy bullshit.

do you mind if i use that as an advertisement for my site.

what's that?

dearmitt dot com, just a bunch of typical troy bullshit. i think it has kind of a smart quality to it, not to mention, very flattering to the ear.

TRAVEL, PHOTO (permalink) 02.21.2005
steamboat : day 3
what bookguy saw friday @ 4pm

(click to enlarge)

TRAVEL, PHOTO (permalink) 02.19.2005
steamboat : day 2
what i saw thursday @ 4pm

(click to enlarge)

TRAVEL, PHOTO (permalink) 02.17.2005
steamboat : day 1
what i saw wednesday @ 4pm

(click to enlarge)

TRAVEL (permalink) 02.16.2005
the wonders of air travel
what i saw monday @ 4pm

and, what i saw tuesday @ 4pm

KIDS, ART (permalink) 02.15.2005
hallmark ain't got nothing on an authentic bellaTine

will you be mine

QUOTES, FRIENDS (permalink) 02.11.2005
i'm still sleeping, aren't i?
these were the first words said to me after waking up yesterday morning ...

my high school was doing a production of the little mermaid. i was the mermaid but was replaced when i became too difficult to work with.

and, here is the second thing said to me after waking up yesterday morning ...

ivana from the apprentice was there but i couldn't remember her name so i kept calling her maggie.

and, this was my first thought yesterday morning ...

i would pay some serious jack to have marty and ivana in the same room getting haughty with one another.

you just don't know how a day that begins with such beautiful randomness is going to turn out. life excites me.

WEB, QUOTES (permalink) 02.09.2005
what i meant to say was that ...
a guy i know listed me as a reference for a job he is applying for. when talking with his potential employer on the phone yesterday, this memory kept creeping into the room making me neurotic about all of my word selections.

QUOTES (permalink) 02.08.2005
this may explain my behavior as of late
so i think i may have hit the wall yesterday.

what? you? you mean you call falling asleep in the middle of a party with 10 people in the room and the super bowl blaring on the tv, hitting the wall? no, that's totally normal behavior.

SCIENCE (permalink) 02.03.2005
flatulence can also be contagious
smart john once told me that a leading theory about yawning is that we yawn when our bodies aren't getting enough oxygen. you do this a lot when you're tired because your body is getting lazy and not drawing in enough oxygen.

smart john went on to say that yawning is contagious autonomically; a biological survival deal. if you see the guy sitting next to you yawning, your body vibes that there isn't enough oxygen in the room/cave/space and thinks it also needs to yawn so you can get a big ole mouthful of air as well.

i have no idea if this is true but i liked it when i heard it. it's become a rubik's cube of sorts sitting on the coffee table in my brain. a curiosity picked up a few times a year and spun aimlessly, knowing i have no prayer of making sense of the riddle but oddly compelled to study it for a few yawn-free moments every now and again.

PERSONAL (permalink) 02.02.2005
last week we paid $4,000 to replace our home's furnace which had been acting flaky. after the installation and seeing that our new furnace was equally flaky we surmised that it was instead our $100 thermostat that was having issues.

this is called putting one in the L column of home ownership.

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