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HUMOR (permalink) 05.25.2000
Dr. Laura Lessthandirt memo
Could there be a more hypocritical and closed-minded voice out there? Here is a pretty good letter to the self-proclaimed pundit and moralist Dr. Laura. She's the only perfect person who a) let some illicit fling take naked pictures of her and b) let them publish them on the web. good work.

SOCIETY (permalink) 05.20.2000
I have no friends or family
Whoever invented the FRIENDS AND FAMILY plan should be drug through the streets. I was recently on the receiving end of such a campaign complements of the Tivo Corporation...because they "value" me so immensely as a customer (pox on them). I felt so special after reading their memo, I spent an hour drafting a thank you for their sincere and touching concern for my well being.

SOCIETY (permalink) 05.16.2000
Butt Chuckers
Is anyone else baffled by the American tradition of cigarette smokers just pitching their spent smokes out the window, on the ground, over the bridge, etc. I would typically rely on our friend the litter law if I hadn't also witnessed cops chucking the occasional butt as well.
here's the fix. put a 5-cent deposit on all cigarettes, returnable when you, or some opportunistic homeless guy, brings a bucket of butts in for recycling. And as for the butts already decorating our landscape, just ding the tobacco companies for facilitating this great atrocity to our land and cities...let's call it a retro-active fine. Now admittedly, there is the problematic drawback of guys getting waxed while running around on the highway collecting said refuse. Can you say acceptable losses. Now stay frosty out there boys.

FILM (permalink) 05.10.2000
The Castle
The Castle is for anyone who has ever had a family...which is most of us I hope. It was a few years old before making it to the states (Australian made) but tore through theaters and then video stores with great rapidity and fanfare.

Raising Arizona + Vacation - My Cousin Vinny = The Castle

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