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WEB, PERSONAL (permalink) 05.05.2003
he's stepped away from his desk
allow me to introduce you to some troy math:

end of may work deadline +
a side project +
another side project +
a spanking new baby =

me taking the month off

the timing seems right in that i took last may off as well. i'll see you on june 1. and, make sure to check in because i have a surprise for you.

you'll notice i got the house ready before leaving by updating the eating section, the gallery section and of course it is the first monday of the month so i couldn't deprive you of the number one visited area of this site, rockefeller center.

PERSONAL (permalink) 05.02.2003
i knew that's what you said, i was just playing
man am i going to make my boy proud of me.

and, we still haven't settled on a name for him.

PERSONAL (permalink) 05.01.2003
we had gobs of girl names but not a single boy name
i was holding off on making an april entry in the gallery section thinking that captain might make an appearance before month's end. while he didn't let me down he did wait until there were only three hours left in april. so please say hello to captain who joined our family at 9:15 last night.

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