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SPORTS (permalink) 06.21.2000
Monday Night Miller
Possibly the first sound decision out of the Monday Night Football team in over a decade. Dennis, or Denny to those close to him, is certain to breathe life into MNF's addled press box. For all of those nay-sayers out there, put your intellectual insecurities to the side and let Miller expand your minds and vocabulary. Now they just need to bring back the halftime show of the 80's where they do the recap of all the previous day's games to that super jazzy music (last years espn segment being a half-ass attempt at the original and superior format).

TRAVEL (permalink) 06.09.2000
Vacation Alert
Headed to Rome for a little while, so anyone getting miffed that I'm not responding to e-mail, step off. And make sure to look for the anxiously awaited Italy by Idiots slideshow. And, be sure to also check EBAY for the Roman Coliseum hitting the sales block. I'm going to start the bidding at 5 million Italian lira and claim that some native homeless guy sold it to me for 20 American dollars. Marty said that she will serve as my witness.

note to burglars: we have housesitters.

FRIENDS (permalink) 06.06.2000
Props to Mr. Bookpimp
My best friend, Michael, can now call himself a college graduate. Way to go brother. Walt and I are very proud of you and the diligence and perseverance you showed over the last (radio edit) years. I'm sure you will kick some job-havin ass where ever you may find yourself and hopefully this accomplishment will help you to attain as much humor as one can have while working. We wish you every success, are glad to know you and love you like a slow-jumpin' bunny-rabbit. Kudos my friend.

p.s. you will shortly be receiving our graduation gift via cliff clavin. and, i'll give you a equals ten bucks for every year you were in school. For outsiders who don't know Mike that well...It's more jack than you think.

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