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WEB (permalink) 07.31.2003
we got someone's attention
boycott city takes a step towards legitimacy. read the second entry, dated 07.22.03.

WEB (permalink) 07.30.2003
sell your stock! sell it now and sell it all!
i was in a meeting the other day and someone referred to the webmaster. everyone looked at me. why are you all looking at me, i asked the room and they said 'because you're the webmaster stupid.'

scary times. these are scary times indeed.

PERSONAL (permalink) 07.25.2003
show a little respect
marty was passing through an intersection yesterday when an suv running a red light t-boned her. the point of impact centered on the passenger side rear door and the collision sent marty's car into the neighboring lane where the car came to a slow stop.

no one was hurt. i can't even begin to tell you what kind of ziggurat needs to be erected to the germans for their automotive prowess. the center point of this collision was 15 inches away from 2 month old alex's head. he was pulled from his car seat unscathed, screaming his tiny, diapered ass off, but unscathed. it's friggen amazing. especially when you look at the car. the entire passenger side is a complete disaster with both doors having been pushed in about six inches.

when marty called me at work, and after confirming everyone was ok, i was ravenous for details. how fast were you going? 40mph. who was at fault? the other person. how's the car? bad shape. was it a man or a woman? woman. was she talking on a cellphone? uncertain but the car behind her said she was messing around with something. what did she say to you? nothing.

NOTHING?!? this was the response i wasn't prepared for. i asked marty for clarification.

t: do you mean she didn't say anything important or she really didn't say anything?

m: she didn't say anything. i never spoke to her. what did you want her to say?

t: how about i'm sorry. i'm sorry for being such a complete idiot and endangering you and your childrens' lives. i'm just sorry.

m: well maybe she was shook up too. i mean she probably recognizes what she did.

t: you see, by not apologizing i'd say she doesn't. i'd say she doesn't appreciate that she just made us a one car family for the next month. or that if they total the car, we're out the 1000 bucks we just put into it last week. that she just cost us 20 - 40 plus hours of our life in trying to get all of this squared away. i'd say that she doesn't appreciate that she could have killed your child. i mean i'm not asking for a lot here but a simple apology seems quite in order.

i can't exactly explain why i'm so enraged by this minor detail. my best guess is fear. the thought of what could have happened on this day terrifies me to the marrow and i want the person responsible to simply own that. and i know how that sounds and i can already hear mike mumbling something about me being a petty fool and the rational side of me knows all of this. all that truly matters is i've got three healthy family members sleeping in this house right now and we're not at the hospital or worse. i do know all of this.

but the other thing i know is how much i hate shopping for cars so just say your sorry dammit if for nothing else, for making me have to go shopping for cars!

PERSONAL (permalink) 07.23.2003
i make purty things
this is one of the seven reasons i haven't been around a whole lot lately.

PERSONAL (permalink) 07.15.2003
a dozen is a single serving, right?
marty and the kids left saturday morning for a weeklong visit to the sister in chicago.

sunday i woke up at 1pm, had breakfast at 2pm and showered. what i mean to say is i then showered monday morning before work. that was just the next significant thing i did after eating krispy kreme donuts for breakfast all sunday afternoon.

SOCIETY, FRIENDS (permalink) 07.11.2003
i think we may be onto something here
it started with a comment i made to marty a few months ago:

"it's just weird that 90% of the people in this neighborhood are doing the exact same thing right now (making dinner) and most of them hate it."

it was next passed onto a neighbor by marty at a picnic:

"i mean how hard would it be to double your recipe and walk half of it down to your neighbors so they wouldn't have to cook for an evening."

and, it culminated with an authentic indian dinner being hand delivered to our door one week later.

if things go right, there should be more on this later. but in the meantime, crazy mad props go to Anu.

and i also need throw a shout out to neighbor anne who brought to our kitchen a farm fresh chicken dinner the week before.

while down deep i know people don't mostly suck, it's nice to experience an occassional reminder illustrating this.

and i promise to stop saying things like 'mad props' and 'shout out' anymore. my temporary excuse; i'm high on people.

SOCIETY (permalink) 07.08.2003
i wonder what unpredictable noise this one will make
i'm quite certain that i could never express how much i hate the fourth of july, after dark especially.

when they invent a firework that can be exploded at three in the morning in your backyard which i don't have to listen to, i'll share in your joyous and meaningful celebration.

FRIENDS (permalink) 07.03.2003
i'd like you to meet ...
so i met this new guy. his name is luby. i'd give him a nickname but when everyone on the planet simply knows you as luby, there's no real point. things you should know about my new friend.

luby is pretty damn cool.

luby's wife is even cooler than luby.

luby was runner up in the 'you think you're man enough to own my powerbook' contest.

luby doesn't work. luby ebays.

luby drives the same kind of car the very first james bond did.

luby is what you'd get if you sent buddy holly and crispin glover through that wacky machine jeff goldblum used in the fly.

luby's brother is a christian rock star.

luby's certain that we could be christian rock stars ... 'it's so f'ing easy dude.'

luby's apartment looks like stephen king's toy chest exploded in it.

every time i say luby's name around marty, she starts singing some kid's lubidy-lubidy-loo song.

SOCIETY (permalink) 07.02.2003
boy, that troy sure was a ...
you ever wonder what people will say about you when it's all over. i know something people won't be saying about me:

'there wasn't a soul who disliked troy'

i've heard this in reference to a few people in my life and must say i question it every time.

for instance the kindest, gentlest guy i've ever known was hated by another guy i knew. granted the hate guy was a totally unreasonable, irrational and self-important tool, but he did technically hate the nice guy. perhaps the epithet for those who were never disliked should be amended to read:

'he luckily never met an idiot so everyone liked him'

and just in case you're wondering if the nice guy was really all that nice, he'd sit down to pee when a guest in someone's home as to not splash water/urine all over their floors and walls. where i come from, it just don't get any nicer than that.

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