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WEB (permalink) 07.01.2013
my summer vacation
the last day of school, we hosted a group of kids for a celebration dinner and ice cream. while eating on the front porch someone observed that of all the humans gathered here, troy was the only one who had to go to work tomorrow (and the next day, and the day after that) while they were all off for a multi-month summer break. anthony, in a concerned tone, asked, "but daddy, when is your break?"

i told him that i didn't get one, one that looked like his at least, but the good news was i didn't need one and that i was lucky to enjoy virtually all of the things i'm asked to do.

but then again, a wise man once told me to never change a winning game and stepping away for a month a year has always proven a good decision and i'm not one to snub sound advice or tinker with a well-running engine or cpu.

i do have some juicy goodness planned though so we'll pick up steam right out of the gate.

i hope you're able to obtain and enjoy a break of your own. see you on august 5th.

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