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WEB (permalink) 08.01.2011
fishing, napping, AND playing hooky
i guess it's a good sign that after more than ten years of filling the pages of this site, i'm still enjoying it enough to forget to take my usual hiatus in the month of june. when i noticed in july i thought, hey that's pretty cool, and a few minutes after that i suddenly felt fatigued and short of words. those that have biked or played tennis or land polo with me know that mental fortitude in the face of steep hills or close matches or getting by good goal play is not my strong suit. so with that in my delicate-as-a-wildflower mind, i'm going to step away for the month of august. both of us will be the better for it. as per usual, i tidied up the office before i left by filling in the monthly gallery slot and catching up the menu.

enjoy the last month of summer.

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