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HUMOR (permalink) 09.19.2000
Do you work next to this guy or are you this guy?
For those that do not work in the technical world, this (syndrome.mpg - 417kb) should provide you with a glimpse into the highly-charged and competitive workplace many of us call our career.

Clip complements of, a friends hobby and time-sync.

BOOKS (permalink) 09.13.2000
I was looking for something to read
Are you ready to celebrate banned book week (September 23-30)? Your local library is. And, to commemorate the event they have published their list of the most challenged books so that we can all enjoy.

Each time I look at one of these lists, I am astounded anew. I mean I guess we should count ourselves lucky that the people challenging these books are not well-read. So many of the books listed are laughable (i.e. huck finn, tom sawyer, pillars of the earth (gasp), james and the giant peach) knowing other works that are out there. And of course, at the same time I love the list because it provides me with books I would not have otherwise read (i.e. the stupids, the face on the milk carton, the boy who lost his face).

Pretending "stuff" doesn't exist is not helping your child. I would think that any parent would want to expose their children to said "stuff" while they are there to offer guidance and explanation, intellectually addressing their questions and curiosities. Because, if you don't, someone else will (insert crazy organ music here) and odds are that someone may not deliver an interpretation you find acceptable. Wake up!

SOCIETY (permalink) 09.09.2000
Is your daughter circumcised?
at a wedding the other night (congrats john and sacha), i surprisingly found myself in a discussion about circumcision. after a young woman said that she would absolutely cut any boys she had, i proffered the standard "if you circumcise your boys, you must also circumcise your girls." this is usually enough to fluster even the most steady-witted of women. she turned to me and very calmly replied (and i paraphrase but you'll get the gist):

"well, unless i'm mistaken, the women of this society have been both mentally and emotionally circumcised by the patriarchal founders of our culture."

this retort went on but my head was reeling for a worthy reply (none was had) but i capitulate and extend kudos to the most creative piece of social banter i've encountered this year. thanks for the humor michelle.

HOW-TO (permalink) 09.06.2000
Clip your toenails
Spread tissue or newspapers on the ground to catch nail clippings. Sit on the ground and hold toe clippers in one hand, grasping your foot with the other. Your foot should be placed over the tissue or newspaper. Cut straight across your big toenail. Repeat for other toes. Gather the tissue or paper with clippings and throw away. Inspect ground for escapee clippings. (courtesy of e-how)

this sounds fine and all but if you do not collect your toe shards in a mason jar, how do you send them to a friend via the u.s. postal service once a year.

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