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WEB (permalink) 12.31.2000
give me some skin
tired of the aged look of your netscape or internet explorer browser? if so, give neoplanet a tryst. they offer a broswer based on the ie engine that's skinnable. i have been using it for a little while without issue, but try it at your own risk. if it goobs up your machine, i will not be making a house-call.

WEB (permalink) 12.08.2000
Now serving customer #0000001
a couple of weeks ago i ordered a necklace i found on the web. yesterday i rec'd a call at work from the proprietor of the web site telling me that i was her first customer. she was very excited and very kind. it's unfortunate more business folk do not take her approach with their customers. so all of you last minute shoppers should swing by and check out her wares at she has some nice and unique pieces. and of course, it always feels better to buy stuff from people you don't mind buying stuff from. good luck lauri.

PERSONAL (permalink) 12.04.2000
"Can sleep through the night but still the dreams come..."
i met a guy the other day who when we shook hands i discovered that he was wearing a rubber glove. now, not a medical glove (snap!) nor a yellow toilet scrubbing one but a loose clear plastic one like the people at subway subs wear. this was at a gym so i figured perhaps they have to wear them for some hygeine based reason, but upon further observation, i found that he was only wearing the one on his right hand.

now admittedly, this is something that should be able to happen and you furrow your brow but then move on. problem is i cannot shake this image. i'm suddenly obsessed with the why's and how's of this moment in my life and the events that led up to it. and given this experience, i'm considering a zany antic of my own so that i may stimulate comparable thought in others that cross my path. second problem is, i cannot think of anything as uniquely cool as the uni-crazy-glove. AHHHHH!

HUMOR (permalink) 12.03.2000
if you detest the successories phenomenom even a fraction as much as myself, you should enjoy the effort of they took the very necessary dilbert/far side/doonesberry approach to this laughable exercise.

featuring corporate favorites such as AgonyDefeatFailureIneptitudeLosingMediocrityMistakesPessimismProcrastination,  and of course Stupidity has taken the motivational artform to new levels.

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