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WEB (permalink) 12.18.2009
holiday store hours
unlike walgreens and blockbuster, i'll be closed for the holidays.

see you jan 4.

WEB, PHOTO (permalink) 12.17.2009
a new GALLERY IMAGE was posted today.
December 2009

WEB, VIDEO (permalink) 12.16.2009
where do i send my resume?

QUOTES (permalink) 12.11.2009
the irony of giving
if you wanted to give a dozen oranges to your neighbor as an expression of love, you obviously would need to be in possession of twelve oranges. if you intended to purchase a new automobile for you parents to show your gratitude to them for putting you through medical school, naturally you'd need to have the funds to do so. likewise, you can't give love away to others if you don't have any for yourself. you can't show respect for others if you lack self-respect. you can't give happiness away if you feel unhappy. and of course, the reverse is true.

you can only give away what you do have, and all that you're giving away each and every day are items from your own personal inventory. if you give away hatred, it's because you've stored up hatred inside of you to give away. if you give away misery, it's because you have a ready supply available from which to select and distribute.
quote from dr. wayne dyer's 10 secrets for success and inner peace

PERSONAL, KIDS (permalink) 12.10.2009
Bella's birthday voice mail
there's something about voicemail from kids that is so way better than voicemail from grownups.

click to play
128kb / 31 seconds
hello. this is bella dearmitt at the troy dearmitt's house. happy birthday again. lots of people at school are saying happy birthday also. uhm. i was wondering where you wanted to go to work, or i mean, to dinner. we are all voting for sushi. i am voting for steak if you would like to. so give us a call. bye.

in the end i trumped them all and returned to the natasha's kabob international for the second year in a row.

PERSONAL (permalink) 12.09.2009
redefining the all-day celebration
i was awoken with one kiss on the cheek and then a second. the first came from bella. the second from alex. then i heard, come on dad, wake up. it's someone's birthday. i blearily opened my eyes. through squinty slits i saw bella and alex standing before me. smiling broadly. as soon as they saw whites in my eyes they broke into a bright and spirited version of happy birthday, which seemed extra bright and spirited given the pre eight o'clock hour.

they told me to get up because i had to find 'things'. i groggily asked what things i had to find. alex asked if i remembered how mom hid numbers for the kids on their birthday? well this year they hid little numbers for me to find. i asked how many. he asked how old i was. i asked if i could go to the bathroom before i started. bella held her hands up, instructed me to wait saying that she would get the bathroom ready for me. by the time i staggered through the doorway, she had lifted the seat and had the father wipes sitting open next to the toilet (not that they were needed). as i approached she was standing before the toilet fanning her hands towards it like a price is right model introducing a shiny, deluxe motor-home. when i entered she shooed alex out saying i should get privacy.

i walked out of the bathroom towards my office for a drink of tea. after taking a long draw from last night's glass, i turned to begin my search. alex stopped me in the doorway and said i stank and should get a new pair of underwear. i told him that if he could smell me from where he was, i probably needed more than new underwear and should take a shower. he said it was definitely my underwear. there was a laundry basket nearby and i leaned down to get a fresh pair of boxers but alex said the ones there wouldn't work and i had to get them from my dresser drawer. he was practically dancing in place as he said it and then i understood, one of my numbers was there. one down. only forty to go.

in my defense the kids numbers are way bigger than my numbers. this seems backwards to me and the geriatric factor should trump the small hands and short attention factor. in evidence, there's just a few more hours left of my birthday day and i'm still missing three of my forty-one numbers. since the kids helped hide them i'm thinking i'll be lucky to find the those last three before i'm forty-two.

WEB, PHOTO (permalink) 12.08.2009
a new GALLERY IMAGE was posted today.
November 2009

KIDS (permalink) 12.04.2009
from anthony's DIY guide to chaos-making
tactic #32 from the moms and kitchens section

STEP 1 unravel a complete ball of twine.

STEP 2 pour full glass of milk on unraveled twine.

STEP 3 walk away.

STEP 4 wait.

PHOTO, HUMOR (permalink) 12.03.2009
did i mention that bella is a girl scout

WEB, PHOTO (permalink) 12.01.2009
if you're looking for me, i'm sleeping
this is not the webpage you're looking for.

the webpage you are looking for is over here.

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