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GAMES, FRIENDS (permalink) 02.14.2017
i have a friend who makes video games.

i have mentioned him twice before (way back in 2013 and again in 2014).

for the last few years, st. louis has spooled up a bit of an indie game thing. enough so that folks around the country were noticing it. enough so that a film studio in california sent a crew out here to make a documentary about it. as the film team began their work interviewing the known studios they ended each interview by asking the dev shops if there is anyone in particular they should talk with. all of them unanimously said "the coster boys over at butterscotch". after repeated recommendations, the movie men reached out and scheduled a twenty minute informational session. that meeting lasted three hours.

the next day the film crew re-contacted the coster boys and (1) thanked them for their time and (2) asked if they might be interested in having a feature length film done about their story. they said yes. well, technically they said, "heck yes" turning the typically two syllable phrase, somehow, into a five syllable verbal roller coaster because that is just what they do in life.

the documentary just came out. here are some related matters:


EPISODE ONE (of the six part documentary)
full series may be viewed via amazon

COFFEE WITH PODCAST EPISODE (sam talks briefly about the start of our relationship)

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