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NUTRITION (permalink) 11.17.2011
but, where do york peppermint patties go???
after forty plus years, i've decided to start being smart about what i eat. being far denser about the matter than you can imagine, i did the following:
  1. read up on what is recommended.
  2. created a system to guide and track my eating.
  3. filled out daily (or near daily) how well i'm doing (in an excel spreadsheet i made).
if you're wondering what it looks like, in typical tradition, i'm more than happy to share. as for what i've learned thus far, it's way more difficult to eat a proper diet than i ever imagined it could be. regarding the system, wherever you see a grey box, it means i missed something i was supposed to have had. the colored boxes on the left, denote how i did for the day. i only get a green for a perfect day. a yellow means it was ok, and a red implies i missed by a fair amount. if i didn't consciously work towards a green day, every one of my days would be in the red. it can therefore be said that every day of my life before i began this exercise last summer was a red day. every last one of them. suck!

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