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i'm the guy you see wet and naked on the back porch returning the wayward spider or cockroach to its native habitat fresh out of the shower. the 'get the shoe' and 'hurry kill it' people will never cease to amaze me. if you take an ounce of time to study one of our smaller neighbors i cannot imagine that this mini-genocide would occur on the same scale. and for those about to mount the 'but, they're filthy creatures that spread disease' argument...well guess what, so are you, me and all of our mega-maniacal friends and relatives. the same b-o ridden schmo at work has gotten me sick four times in the last year. does that mean i get to run him down with a kleenex in hand and squish him in the corner making a face at the crunch he makes under my thumb? well alright then.

the wings of the dragonfly mark one of the most stupendous achievements in the entire living kingdom. if it weren't for the veins pushing blood through these translucent and functional wings, you may not even notice their sleight framework.

i would like to thank bookguy for ponying up on this pic. the kid shows promise. too bad this is the only photo he's taken with his new minolta 1-trillion fully automated sexy-zoom you don't even have to leave the house camera. i bet he's got a few more in him if he'd remove the cellophane it came in.




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