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bella's school is having a fund raiser. i believe this to be an annual deal and one that hasn't changed much since i was a kid. fifteen years ago when i first entered the corporate workplace the occasional parent would bring their kid's sales sheet into the office. after enduring the guilt-based system first-hand, i swore i would never be that guy. and i won't. i even went as far as saying when i had children i'd disallow them from participating in these smarmy business schemes. i've long considered these operations unconscionable using children to peddle their valueless wares.

when i approached marty on the topic she said in a lifeless tone that the school got a fair bit of the money and it was therefore a good thing for the kids. seeing that well of empathy was dry, i decided to instead approach bella. i knew they could earn awards and thought i could craft an argument to bella downplaying the coolness of the awards and present her with other and easier ways to get the same things.

i was thinking on this very thing while in the shower when bella, freshly out of bed, walked in. after wishing her good morning through the curtain i raised the topic. as soon as i mentioned the program bella sprang into an excited, minute long spiel about her plan to sell more than anyone else in her class. when i asked why she wanted to sell so much she said you get things for selling stuff. and the more you sell the better stuff you get. poised for the kill i asked what (worthless) bauble she hoped to win. without missing a beat she described a special coffee mug they had where you just pour everything into it walk away and when you come back your coffee is ready for you to drink and she thought that would be awesome for me and would save me time in the mornings and that was the special gift she was working to buy.

i so hate those companies.




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