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Walt and I are about to celebrate our 3rd wedding, 11th together anniversary. We honeymooned in the big N.O., New Orleans for any nubiles out there. This probably wasn't the best-suited locale for us. We dont drink, eat very little, and reserve our nudity for one another. One might think, well, you got each other. Yes we did, but on this day we have been sharing such time for eight years and we had both already exchanged every traumatizing adolescent event (yes my hair is feathered) and innermost phobia (I have to click my tongue twice or the world will explode). Given that, we reached stultifying boredom at a breakneck pace.

Then we saw her. The stucco and adobe structure glowing with inviting warmth. A simple sign reading Cafe Du Monde French Market Coffee Stand announced its purpose. Moments later, we pull the We'll have what they're having and lo and behold we discovered the best cuisine New Orleans has to offer. This grail-like invention proved to be the defining aspect of our honeymoon. Hot chocolate and beignets 2-3 times a day interrupted by a cinematic or cable offering (Deconstructing Harry, Good Will Hunting, As Good As It Gets, Wag The Dog and Behind the Scenes with the Mamas and Pappas). If not for the scene above, our honeymoon and/or marriage may have been a much briefer affair than it has been. Order Up!!!




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