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marty calls slow, sensual marital encounters 'sexy sex'. she calls for this by saying, "i'm not looking for a mad dash here, i want some sexy sex." problem is, in a house with three children eight and under, that is like saying i want everyone to be fed today but i don't want any dirty dishes in the process. it simply doesn't work that way.

but still, the call for sexy sex gets made on occasion. most recently while we were working to muster the energy for a round of A.M. sexy sex (which was being significantly held back by our two unbrushed mouths) marty asked, with still closed eyes, what part of our physical repertoire i most enjoyed. i explained that it depended. it depended on my mood, on what i was hungry for. she coquettishly asked me to elaborate. i went on to say sometimes you want steak with a sour cream laden baked potato and sometimes you wanted homemade macaroni and cheese. surprisingly she didn't ask for a breakdown of what mapped to what but she did ask what eating alone (e.g. masturbation) corresponded to. i thought for a moment before saying masturbating is the equivalent of tossing a handful of m&m's in your mouth as you're running out the door.

she chuckled at my colorful math and then we both settled for a helping of ramen noodles.




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