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yesterday was anthony's visiting day at preschool. he was ready eager to go sitting on his bike in the front yard a full thirty minutes before we had to leave. i couldn't hold him off to the for real time so we left quite early and arrived before the doors had even been opened to the public. he made himself at home in a sandbox he has played in many times before due to its close proximity to our home. marty arrived on her bike having just dropped bella and alex off at their school. she and i sat on a bench under a tree and watched anthony serenely play. we quietly reminisced in the crisp morning air about our time with anthony and how we were both slightly awed to have arrived at this mile marker with him.

after ten minutes or so another student arrived. he was striding towards the front door with two well dressed parents trailing a bit behind him. he spied anthony in the sandbox, stopped and then made his way over there. marty and i watched with interest. within five seconds a single-word cacophony ensued from the two that sounded something like this, "mine! mine! Mine! Mine! MINE! MINE!". and just that effortlessly, a new preschool year was christened by the arrival of the first two students.

when we arrived to the classroom, anthony confidently swaggered into the room and was met by three smiling teachers who each in turn bent over with hands on knees to introduce themselves. after the token gesture they'd stand and talk to marty and i, commenting on how cute he was and inquiring about bella and alex, both of which had been through this same room. while we talked anthony studied the room. he first moved to a play table with some russian stacking dolls. he methodically unpacked and reassembled them. he then grabbed the next bauble on the table which was a sealed water bottle, less the water, with colorful objects in it that could be shaken to make noise. anthony unpeeled the packing tape holding on the cap, unscrewed the lid and started to pour the small objects out. one of the teachers saw this and moved deftly to him saying, "no honey, that doesn't come off." to this anthony held the tape up to her and brightly said, "yes it does." she forced a smile and said, "well yes it can, but it's not supposed to. it's against the rules."

my quarter says that is not the last time that is going to be uttered in the sunshine room this year.




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