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This scene represents a typical non-working day in the life of Marty and Troy. At the time of this shutter click, it is most likely about noon, maybe 1:00pm, and we are just now considering getting out of bed. Many times this simply means moving the show to the couch for a couple hours of mental preparedness for the trials the average American faces from day to day.

On Feb 3, we are four weeks from our first child's anticipated birth. Does the loss of these types of weekends scare us. Not a lick, the inevitable event terrifies us. But, I reckon it should. What kind of simple imbecile would leap into the parenting fray without huge and numerous fears. It is the great unknown, but isn't that the beauty of it. We have this whole sleeping deal down to absolute perfection. Doesn't growth and challenge come from the depths of the un-traversed path? Let's hope so because we have definitely signed up for that course and I'm thinking it's a non-refundable program. Please wish us success and we'll see you on the other side.




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