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a year ago i wrote about how i did not know how to write about the birth of my first child. now i sit here struggling for some bit or piece from the last year in attempt to define the experience in some well constructed and better presented paragraph. this exercise of reflection is nearing the two week mark and i think i need to capitulate the matter accepting that a pithy comment encapsulating bella?s first year does not exist ... out of this think tank at least since i?ve yet to scrawl a single word towards this end.

i reckon my silence should be monument enough to what an exceptionally cool and memorable period it has been. my baby girl is the first thing on my mind upon waking and the last to cross it before drifting off at night. there was a time this was true because she was somewhere in the house wailing at both of these times. we are past that now though and she?s still there dancing around in my mind, not exactly the most enviable of places.




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