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i do not acknowledge valentine's day, as readers of this site must know by now. and after a brief discussion and concession from marty, i do not celebrate father's or mother's day either. conversely, in a discussion with a friend who recently adopted an infant boy, he said he became a parent for one reason; to receive gifts, really cool and numerous gifts. i obviously chortled at this immodest and jovial confession but in thinking about it later, i've concluded that i also entered parenthood for equally selfish reasons.

this said, i did not join the fray knowing this, but learned it as a matter of course. diaper bombs and late night soothings aside, the gifts one receives from their offspring are great. now forgive me for hallmarking out for a moment, but it is necessary and as near as i can tell globally accepted by our society anyway so either read on or move on because it's about to get gushy in this here browser.

as i see it, it is not necessary for our youngins to buy us gaudy ties or books on golf and tennis because when navigated properly, these gifts should be a facet of everyday life, be it in a child's mad and uncontrollable giggle or their small warmth burrowing into your shoulder as they seek comfort or running at you with open arms when coming home from work. these and other aspects of the daily routine with a forming human should satisfy if not surpass whatever your greatest monetary expectation or need for recognition may be.

so save your emails and redundant words of praise because they are wasted on me for i am often validated with the rewards of being a father and do not need a monopolistic card company or people in the park i do not know to sate this need.




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