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political parties for me are much like religion. i agree with the fundamental tenets and the majority of their principles, but cannot eat it skin, meat and bones. i think there are plenty of people like me, but i'm startled by the number of folks who can claim straight democrat or republican or green party for that matter. there's just a lot to accept in such a declaration and i'm afraid i'm a little more a la carte in my thinking.

although i can admit, i'm not the best meter on such matters in that i didn't even vote until the roller coaster perot candidacy. and for those wondering if i'm a day over fifteen, i am, and there were a few voter eligible years under my belt prior to that election. so when people ask me if i'm donkey-esque or elephantine in thinking i'm fairly certain i get the same glazed-over look as when people ask which religion i belong to. uhm. well, i'm kind of in-between cults at the moment.

but, i do show up and punch my card. and i do my research before hitting the polls. well, that is if research involves asking marty to write down who she's voting for as a kind of political crib sheet. for those crying at this juvenile tactic, it is one of the benefits of being on par with your partner. and for those asking if i would behave any differently even if we had universally opposing viewpoints, i, like george bush, have no comment nor can i recollect my recollection on the topic.




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