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wednesday, april 30, 9:40pm, st louis, mo (age 25 minutes)

marty thought rockefeller would be male and we have isabella. marty thought captain would be female and, well let's just say her intuition did equally well because captain is a dude.

in the end, i will remember this as the 'all natural on all fours birth'. it was a first for both nurses and only the second delivery the cool doc had done in this position. after we asked if we could go that way they all looked at one another before shrugging their shoulders and saying "i don't see why not" and it was done.

and, where bella was wide-awake minutes after the birth, captain was fast-asleep and other than a few eye flutters and head rolls this is how he looked for the first few hours of life. but, the real question is can he sleep through a big sister trying to put legos in his ears?

and, as always with us, we don't yet have a name.




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