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marty's mother is a freezer. there isn't a culinary item ever eaten that hasn't passed through the walter's super freeze found at the bottom of their basement stairs. milk, christmas cookies, hell, i bet you'd even find nonfood items like light bulbs in that cellar deep-freeze. the two things i've heard my mother-in-law say more than anything else is "oh, sure you can freeze that" and "run down and grab that out of the freezer". sad thing is all the walter girls are freezers too. so as a warning, if you should wed one of them prepare to routinely chip away at a tub of sour cream, pour chunky milk over your cereal and/or bite into a rock hard piece of celery.

marty's father on the other hand could care less about freezing, but threaten to take his supply of duct tape and hangers and you better be prepared to defend yourself. and, he was into this form of home and auto repair long before the distortedly supplied a-team or that clown mcguyver ever came onto the scene. i'm telling you the man could restore power to half the state while simultaneously mending a perforated rectum with nothing more than a frayed roll of duct tape and old metal hangers.

personally, i'm against freezing anything other than ice cream and totinos pizzas and i'm more of a deck screw kinda guy for the random project. i don't believe in microwaves which kind of nullifies the quick consumption of anything not meant to be in the freezer. and as for the duct tape and hangers, i don't like coming into contact with such stubborn sticky adhesives and i, like george costanza, have a dire fear of scrotal puncture wounds.




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