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man is my mom going to hate this photo. but not nearly as much as i'm going to hate the one my family goes on at an official photo studio, ala olan mills, in the days to come. "you tilt your head this you move a little to the rest your elbow on your knee like you're tilt your head back the other everyone smile...eveyone have fun...can someone make the little girl sweetheart...just smile..." no. just shoot me now. and not with your camera.

as is hopefully representative from the various photos throughout this site, the last thing i want is an artificial moment. the above photo was to be our paper christmas card but truth told i'm about as into those as i am into studio photography. so this will have to do. but then again, who would i send the card to other than people who keep up with my life.

i hope you are all appreciative of what you have in life and able to acquire the things you feel you need. and may those things not be material.




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