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if i could invent one thing to give to mankind, to improve society, i would devise something called the truth box. the truth box would be infallible. it could not be deceived and could tell with absolute certainty if its subject was answering a question truthfully. additionally the truth box would have a compartment for a body part to be inserted. first offense would always be a hand, excepting sexually related crimes where a male's genitals, all of their genitals would be placed into the apparatus. second offenses, if necessary, would include remaining body parts.

in application, a question would be asked of an accused. one question only though. no more would be needed.

mr simpson, did you kill your wife, nicole simpson.

no i did not.

(mechanical noise sounds and mr simpson screams in agony)

it would seem that you did kill nicole mr simpson, according to the truth box at least. now, if you could please insert your other hand so we may address the matter of her male friend.

and, that is how life with the truth box would go. no lengthy trials. no costly defense lawyers. just one question per offense and everyone goes home.




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