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family v.
bookguy and i extend our gratitude to you for sharing your warm and rich home with us for our ski trip. i can't recall when i laughed or smiled so much in a week's time (and i am blessed to laugh and smile quite often).

keri, i knew i remembered you so fondly for a reason and am glad i haven't let you permanently sneak away. you were wonderful and charming then and are even more-so now. i'm fortunate to know you.

michael, i greatly admire how you honor your family and seeing you inspires me to work harder to do the same. thank you for setting an example so few do in this day.

boys, thanks for sharing your rooms and parents during our stay. it was a pleasure meeting you and i hope circumstance brings us together again.

and, i know that during our visit you replaced the screaming shower head, but i wanted to offer this [referring to sexy shower head included in package] as a token of our appreciation. given the number of personalities in your home, a shower head to represent them all seems like good math (and this one i know for sure has a removable throttler because it is my all-time favorite shower head, partially for this reason).

i'm told this can be returned for store-credit at bed, bath and beyond should the need arise. i mention this because:
  1. you already have a shiny new head and may be completely happy with its noise-free operation.
  2. marty returns virtually everything i give her, so i have been conditioned to automatically provide exchange instructions when delivering gifts.
thanks again for the kindest of hospitality and i surely hope you one day allow my family to repay your generosity by opening our home to you. we'd love to have you. and keri, i think you and marty would get on famously.

thanks so much. love to you all. do good.

troy (and bookguy)

p.s. i tried to fit this on a piece of paper that will hopefully fit into your newly minted guest registry. i'm sorry we didn't get a chance to directly pen our thoughts into it before leaving. hopefully it can be taped or glued accordingly. and as for the typed letter, my penmanship was hardly legible before i started using computers exclusively, now it is pure sanskrit.




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