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labor began at 6pm, wednesday night. we left for the hospital at 3:30am. marty gave fully natural birth to a six pound healthy boy Thursday, August 17 at 1:54pm. the child is still as of yet, unnamed.

my mother watched the delivery, something she also did for alex. marty has now twice extended this very generous invitation to my mother since she never got to personally experience childbirth (i'm adopted). in each of these instances, i've made the mistake of looking towards my mom in the late stages of the delivery. seeing her sitting there, hands in her lap as tears effusively stream down her cheeks tightens my chest without fail.

when the deed was done, i called home to give the report. i asked that the family collected at our house not tell alexander and isabella the outcome. i wanted to do this personally. when i returned home, bella was watching the incredibles and alex was napping. i went upstairs and sat on the couch next to bella. she never averted her eyes from the television, as is her way. after a moment she glanced over, saw it was me and gave no reaction. exhausted, i was fine to just sit there and collect myself. after a few minutes, bella paused the movie using the remote in her lap, turned to me and very genuinely asked, "is mother doing fine?". this girl slays me around every bend.

to my closer friends who i did not directly notify of the birth, i apologize but the timing/events of the day did not afford me a chance to call in an appropriate hour. hope you aren't too miffed.




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