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Tuesday, March 6, 6:51pm, St. Louis, Mo. (age: 10 minutes)

Exit Rockefeller; enter (name to be announced at future date). Mom, baby Rock and father are well. Greatly spent and overwhelmed, but well all the same. I regret to say that I am unable to parlay Rockefeller's post-utero name because both Marty and I were convinced that Rock would be male and were shocked to hear the words 'It's a girl'. Rest assured we will have a new moniker selected soon in that we can't leave the hospital until this detail is attended to.

As for gazillions before us, the birth of our first child was an arduous and awe-struck experience. As I've always suspected, this rite of passage is not something that can be accurately conveyed to the un-initiated and given this, I will not beleaguer you with the laborious details of our encounter. Suffice it to say that it is a singular event I hope all who share similar aspirations get to experience.




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