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i once saw where a guy was working to recollect one moment from each year of his life to see if anything could be discovered by the exercise. not having many original ideas myself i figured i would try it myself. and as per usual i figured what's the point of doing it if i don't share it to the world. so feel free to step into various points in my life, for what it's worth.
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they called on monday and asked if the couple could come by the office on friday. of course they could come, they've been waiting a year. when the newly married couple arrived at the appointment they were led into a room where a baby wailed in the arms of a stranger. the shrill infant was introduced as David Lane. the man asked if he could hold the baby and was allowed. the child immediately became silent against his shoulder, falling asleep. the workers in the office left the couple alone with the infant for a short while. when they returned, they asked:

so what do you think?

we want him.

you don't have to decide now, you can think on it over the weekend.

we don't need to think. we want him. we'd like to take him right now.

the young couple left that office with a new baby they had just met an hour earlier and a modest bag containing a few diapers, burp cloths and pacifier which was the extent of their baby gear. and this is how i got my parents and how they got me. it is also how i got what would be my third and final name, troy lane dearmitt.

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