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  Date Description Amount
  12.08.01 gift: birthday check from mother-in-law $45.00
  01.14.02 launder: traded a $50 home depot gift certificate for cash $50.00
  02.09.02 ebay: microsoft sidewinder gamepad $12.00
  02.28.02 reader contribution: bookpimp $10.00
  03.01.02 reader contribution: big ed $0.02
  03.02.02 service charge: for pmt less than .05 (billed to big ed) $5.00
  03.03.02 ebay: iomega external 100mb zip drive $56.00
  03.04.02 reader contribution: chavez $1.63
  03.08.02 web work: scan, post and host friend's wedding pics $60.00
  03.09.02 reader contribution: marta $10.00
  03.10.02 ebay: speedstream dsl modem $73.43
  03.10.02 ebay: kensington trackball $56.00
  03.11.02 pah-leez: you seriously didn't think a $20 bill was going to stand between me and an ipod, did you. this is a study in patience, not lunacy. $20.92
    Total:   $400.00


    What is the iPod Fund?
The iPod Fund is a Cafe Du Monde coffee can sitting on my desk used to collect and store the money i've collected thus far in pursuit of Apple's latest toy.

Why don't you just buy the damn thing and be done with it?
this is the first question anyone who has witnessed my last year is asking since they saw me buy, impulsively might i add, an apple powerbook, a nikon coolpix 900 digital camera, a new car, a 30 hour tivo to replace my 14 hour unit, a 19 inch television, an mp3-based car stereo and then there's the thing i haven't told anyone about, the tummy tuck back in june just in time for the summer season. funny thing is it is this previous year that is keeping me from just pouncing on this digital morsel. well, that and a saturday morning i had awhile back.

you see marty and i have this saturday morning ritual where after getting up embarrassingly late we walk up to the open air market and get our fruit and veggies for the week and then we stop by this bagel/pastry place on the way back and have breakfast. on this one particular saturday neither of us had any cash and we ended up getting creative. marty found $3 for our grocery items in the back of a desk drawer or bottom of her purse and i ransacked my coin jar for a pocketful of silver to cover the breakfast. you wouldn't believe how awesome it was to pay for our $7.50 breakfast in quarters, dimes and nickels. i mean it took me back a good fifteen years and was the best tasting pastry and coffee i can remeber partaking in at this place. it was this moment that sparked in me the desire to avoid my immediate gratification compulsion and move back to my adolescent roots where an acquisition was coveted and adored for weeks or even months. basically i've decided it's time to simple-up.

Is the iPod really that cool? Isn't it just another mp3 player?

Can I contribute to the fund?
what do you think ... I'm drunk? of course you can contribute. in fact if each person who has ever been to my site gave just one dollar, i'd be $18 closer to my goal. and, if just one reader gave $400, i'd be baked. and, i don't want any of you who are frequent visitors of my site and readers of my life to feel obligated in any way to do this modest thing to show your appreciation for my unwavering dedication to your daily enjoyment, i mean not at all. no body on the planet would expect that of you, except perhaps someone trying to lay hands on the coolest toy to come out in recorded history. so feel obligated my brothers and sisters.

credit cards payments may be made through:
Paypal where payee is troy (at) dearmitt (dot) com

checks, money orders and coin should be sent to:
troy dearmitt
attn: iPod Fund
po box 50221
clayton, mo 63105

If I do contribute, can I listen to it too?
you must be daft. do you have any idea what kind of ear funks could be crawling around in your aural cavities and you want me to share something that goes in my body with something that would go inside your body. i'm quite certain we don't know each other that well.

do you feel that the iPod represents the item separating your current state of mind and utter happiness? as a younger fellow i had the brief opportunity of running alongside some of our more monetarily fortunate citizens. in this time i met a catatonic millionaire, a doped up housewife with a 15,000 square foot home and three maids, a man who could not hold a five minute conversation with his one son or two daughters and a young, intelligent and beautiful girl who slept with anyone just so she could garner five minutes attention from a fellow human. so, in answer to your question, i'm hip to the fact that the american dream and/or a life full of happiness does not come within the walls of a picket fenced house or in the glove box of an suv. now it is not to say that these items cannot better your situation or daily grind, it's simply to say that they are not the magical rosetta stone some think they are.

oh, i just remembered that the iPod holds 5 gigs of data. i take the above back. yes this device will complete me.

do you even have 5 gigs worth of music to put on the device?
i didn't until i ripped my hipsway and t'pau collections. i'm now ready to cook.


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