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  i try to make reading a daily part of my existence. there are a number of reasons for this but i imagine you're interested in exactly zero of them. so deem yourself spared. as for how i choose what to read, i use a genre-based rotation. the rotation changes from time to time but below is the present pattern:

POPULAR FICTION (e.g. ken follet, dan brown, john grisham)
CLASSIC LITERATURE (e.g. alexandre dumas, victor hugo, charles dickens)
SCI-FI/FANTASY (e.g. isaac asimov, orson scott card, robert heinlein)
PHILOSOPHICAL (anything from raw philosophy to the merits of bhudism)
MODERN LITERATURE (e.g. upton sinclair, william faulkner, theodore dreiser)
INSTRUCTIONAL (something towards making a better me)
HISTORICAL BEST-SELLER (from the kahn reading project)
NON-FICTION (e.g. michael lewis, jon krakauer, bill bryson)

the purpose of the above serpentine is rut and glut avoidance. i am desperate to not become a boorish one-category reader and i also love (!!!) the sweeping arcs of subject matter landscapes this practice forces my mind to ambulate through. from a fox hole in WWII europe to solar systems not yet seen (and in times not yet conceived) to how to make your child laugh more to the roman forum at its peak the potential behind this exercise offers limitless candy and vitamins for your mind (and soul).

if you think i'm missing a category, i'd appreciate to hear your argument. and, i'm ever interested in hearing about people's favorite reads, so please hit me up with yours.

The Clan of the Cave Bear
Jean M. Auel

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The Watchmen
Alan Moore / Dave Gibbbons

granted, my exposure to comics is not what it could be but this tight effort redefined what the comic genre is certainly capable of. it was much more concise, involved and intricate than any other i've come across. given its development, watchmen reads more like a novel than a funny picture book, rife with meaningful characters. moore and gibbons crafted a world that was both fantastic but possible in that good sci-fi conjecture based way. and, it's no secret that this is a major objective of the genre, both comic and sciene-fantasy.
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The Fountainhead
Ayn Rand

she doesn't appear in the mla's top 100. she appears twice in radcliffe's, more pedestrian, top 100. and lastly, she not only appears four times in mla's reader's poll, she occupies the top two spots. what more could one ask for in a recommendation.

while it took a little bit for me to embrace the work, after a few hundred pages the story took over and consumed me. don't let the fact that it took me four months to finish it because i took three months off to build a corporate website and have a child. actual invested reading time was just a few weeks for this 800 page monstrosity. i don't know if it would fall in my top five, but it would fall in my top 50, without doubt.

and, it's kind of lucky i stumbled upon her because i've been shopping around for a religion and how can one as self-serving as me turn away from a philosophy which centers on the individual, especially when that individual is me.
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Chuck Palahniuk

"i learned long ago to not go to movies with 'sex' in the title, i'm always disappointed." i should have respected this advice from marty before delving into this book. i was told i'd love it, it's about a sex addict, they said. it's like the book was written for you. this is the beauty of our individuality. when one person hears something, they think one thing, when i hear the very same thing i think something entirely different. this was obviously the case here. don't get me wrong, the book is very good. the subject matter was handled expertly, but you don't call me to the table for a meal like that and dish up a simple porterhouse. i'm expecting a roman like feast of carnality and 2,000 plus pages of it.

again, i enjoyed it, it just fell about 500 adjectives short of what my mind had readied itself for.
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