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The net is both ubiquitous and agnostic. It does not care about your age, your need, your history or most importantly your agenda. It attempts to serve all people equally. Now that is not to say that your fellow man or Webmaster will not mock and ridicule you for what you do in the quasi-private confines of your computer.

The following items represent queries conducted by people via web search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, HotBot, Excite), which offer results that brought them to dearmitt.com. In order for search criteria to appear on this list, one must not only conduct the initial search but they must follow through by clicking on an offered link in quest for the data. This, to date, has served as the most telling experience regarding the development and nurturing of this website and in the pursuit of continued growth and edification, I now share these items with you to confirm the vaulted esteem of the content offered here.

Much thought has been applied to the reason for some of these parallels and my technical analysis can provide no worldly explanation for many of the below relationships with this site. So, in no logical order I present you with what people are looking for and hope to find in the nooks and crannies of me.com.

  Recently wanted...
  1. white castle girls permanent link to this entry
  2. protecting fallen comrade photo permanent link to this entry
  3. sweet sweetback penis water
  4. dog milking permanent link to this entry
  5. keanu reeves uncircumcised penis
permanent link to this entry - clicking this icon, when to the right of a listed item, will take you to the blurb, rant or whatnot on this site that the search engine led some poor and unsuspecting soul to. so sorry.

Previously wanted...
  1. dad circumcised
  2. photo actual hermaphrodite
  3. wedding toast
  4. poisonous spiders of australia
  5. penis problems    (isn't that a redundancy)

  6. band quotes
  7. tivo code
  8. age: 19 inseam
  9. why get circumcised     (because you were born in america)
  10. loadrunner training in troy

  11. photo gallery and roman legion
  12. copulating squirrels
  13. rockefeller center dearmitt
  14. bolt thrower chick     (i want to meet this person)
  15. smallest car in america

  16. photo cajun band
  17. wedding toast norway
  18. naked pictures of mary kate and ashley     (obvious citizen of the year here)
  19. st peters basilica
  20. mike damone

  21. i want to buy a little tikes pool
  22. samurais
  23. her towering
  24. free vhs tape fill out form
  25. you're not circumcised     (uhm. unfortunately i am)

  26. whiteheads and hair plucking     (just another day at the office)
  27. jennifer love hewitt sightings
  28. michael engelbrecht
  29. when is a car considered totaled?
  30. to be circumcised

  31. bunions sexy    (and i thought liking overbites was odd)
  32. gay das boot video crack
  33. bird attack photo
  34. tony the tiger muscle picture
  35. circumcise eminem     (contempt comes in so many forms)

  36. peeing nun     (twisted catholic)
  37. where to fine prostitutes in memphis
  38. mud bowl cheerleaders
  39. metallica circumcised
  40. tighty whiteys

  41. troy naked     (oh so many requests, so little film)
  42. cliff notes for girl interrupted     (movies are the cliffnotes dumbass)
  43. was dad circumcised
  44. puerto rican x rated movies
  45. andy gibb

  46. pictures of bite toenails    (fetish anyone?)
  47. watching me breast feed
  48. petite romanian girls
  49. male bunions gallery     (I think this guy's been here before)
  50. miles circumcised

  51. sarah michelle gellar's nose
  52. kluver bucy syndrome (x3)
  53. nun peeing
  54. christian movie reviews m 10.28     (I think you may have taken a wrong turn)
  55. circumcised squirrels     (and a possible right turn)

  56. (these five items were removed due to
  57. excessive search hits from half the planet
  58. looking for illicit and questionable subject matter
  59. dealing with two young and blonde twins
  60. who are richer and smarter than you and i will ever hope to be.)

  61. medieval feminine hygiene
  62. what effects does bazooka gum have on your teeth
  63. flushed janet time abandoned turd lesson easter examining suspects    (what?!?!)
  64. is grizzly adams god
  65. willow buffy circumcision

  66. macgyver episode downloads
  67. milky juice mamas
  68. toothpicks slogans attack cupful jewelled
  69. single buxom geek     (thanks for noticing)
  70. handsome and foreskin and blonde and mechanic

  71. skinny or networked or infuriating or convey or broccoli
  72. auction or horrendous or succumbing or breathtaking or regular
  73. victor or caucasians or grunt or carnage or disproportionate
  74. adjudications or perusal or consumption or fiddle or shiny    (all over the map much?)
  75. two penis oddity    (one isn't odd enough?)

  76. men put in knickers by their wives    (marty swore she wouldn't tell.)
  77. transformers hat
  78. chest protector fetish    (like what baseball umpires wear? wow.)
  79. todays hippie wear vs real hippie wear
  80. etiquette which way do you face when exiting row

  81. st louis wiffle ball tournament
  82. thai capri pants    (i'm telling you, they're coming)
  83. hit bit no me hables
  84. neck ties of fred flinstone
  85. filling of the stomach fetish    (sorry but i ate at the office)

  86. judge mathis early episode photos
  87. forrest hump review
  88. hippie hygiene
  89. pam anderson car magnets
  90. distance thumb index finger penis    (it's not true)

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